Crushing equipment

Diversified products according to the needs of your Company

Mediterranea Macchine is agent and dealer NPK e FRD in Sicily, so as to be able to offer its customers the top of the range, recognized thanks to the experience gained over the years. 

Breakers npk

Maximum power at the lowest possible noise.

A new type of soundproofed cribs, completely enclose the hammer and ensure a low noise level. All models can be adapted for underwater work. The hammer is equipped with special rubber dampers that absorb vibrations and protect the excavator arms. Designed with an upper chamber of nitrogen (N2), they don't require accumulators and membranes. Constant stroke energy: the high breaking energy is independent of the number of strokes. Quick and easy tool replacement. There are two easily replaceable tool guide bushings. Prepared for an automatic lubrication system.

The piston moves on two interchangeable bushings, the main body of the hammer does not wear. Easy to overhaul.

Three reasons why you should choose NPK products:

  • The BOOSTER, for a greater strength in demolition;
  • Small cylinders that guarantee a reduced cycle time;
  • Spare parts and assistance for any NPK equipment, even the oldest.

Breakers FRD

The Japanese society of high technology Furukawa Rock Drill (FRD) has its roots in the development of mining equipment. Mediterranea Macchine is agent and dealer for Sicily for the high quality of the products dedicated to demolition activities.

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