Construction and road machinery

Trailers, semi-trailers and construction machinery

Construction and road machinery selected for sustainable and highly advanced performance. 

Trailers and semi-trailers by De Angelis

With over 100 years of activity, De Angelis is one of the most historic European manufacturers of trailers and semi-trailers for special transport. Mediterranea Macchine is De Angelis agent and dealer for Sicily.
The strength of De Angelis is to be able to provide customized solutions while ensuring a level of quality and technology of absolute excellence, thanks to:

  • Over a century of tradition and experience
  • Advanced design and testing technologies
  • Integrated business management (mrp/erp)
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Wide range of products with possibility of partial customization
  • Fully customized vehicles (full custom program)
  • Off-road vehicles (ht series) and for use in extreme environments (x-Treme line)
  • Wide range of exclusive technological solutions
  • Anti-corrosion treatments according to the highest international standards
  • European approvals for standard products and unique examples.

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